You think just because we have our new show this weekend we weren’t going to drop some fly mixes that dropped this week? Think again We have a lot of techno on this one! Plus, we got the drop on Rondell’s new release today.

Rondell Adams

UKR Special Series 125

Official Press Release

“UKR Special Series is very pleased to welcome back Rondell Adams aka Ron AD with his stunning four track ‘Pyramids’ EP. The quality continues without hesitation as Rondell Adams brings top-notch energy and creativity to keep the dance floor packed and all eyes on him. ‘Pyramids’, ‘Ting Ting’, ‘Replenish’, and ‘Lovers Eyes’ all pack a punch with superbly crafted production that purist techno heads will drool over. Every track gives the listener a unique, raw glimpse into Rondell’s mind as he delivers mind-bending underground flavors for that picky late-night crowd. Clever effects, superb automation, massive analog synths and thumping percussion combine beautifully here creating the perfect prime time battle pack for the club or warehouse. Watch out for this man… he’s dangerous. UKR Special Series and Rondell Adams aka Ron AD continuing the global techno push!”

Pyramids EP consists of 4 tracks and is now available on all platforms! I’m pretty excited about all that! Now let’s get to the mixes!


I was able to watch Noncompliant on Twitch last Friday. If you did, you witnessed an amazing performance on the decks. If you missed it, she was gracious enough to record it for your listening pleasure. Accomplished Indiana Techno Pioneer and Producer, Noncompliant has been praised by Mixmag and The Blessed Madonna, I have been a fan of her DJing since I first came into the scene back in 2000. I also decided to inclued a throwback mix originally released on a cassette back in 1999 under her original moniker, DJ Shiva. I happened to see it floating around social media this week.


Genotype/Just Jungle

A lot of Techno, so we really need to make sure we throw in some jungle/dnb in. Genotype/Just Jungle has an absolutely massive catalogue of original work under various monikers. This mix is a compilation of his Mastermind DNB releases. One track being a vinyl only release.

He also just dropped his A ‘G Skool Joint LP’ that can be purchased on his Bandcamp. G Skool Joint Vol. 7 was also just released.

The Sonic Temple

We were graced with the presence of Robert Armani last month in Indianapolis. We had support from AZA, John Scott, and Rich Lather. This week Universal Vibe dropped those set’s on their SoundCloud! Rich Lather’s house set is boss as fuck! Really glad to finally hear a set of his!! Those that attended can now re-live the sounds from that night. Be sure to peep some snaps of that night from Anita Bass LLC below! I’d also like to thank her for the spooky feature image on this week’s update. Look closely and tell us what you see.

John Scott & Chris West

John Scott and Chris West both dropped some fire techno mixes this week. I was able to dig up a little on the duo and Techno Haute Culture.

“John Scott and Chris West, aka DJ 9FIVE7, are the founding members of Techno Haute Culture, a DJ crew born and raised in Terre Haute Indiana. Both inspired by Detroit techno, they began spinning in 1998, playing parties and bars. When the minimal glitchy techno explosion hit in the mid aughts, John and Chris took a sabbatical from the decks. After a decade, their love of the genre, which never diminished, was reignited with a sonic boom. Now working in the digital realm, they continue to perfect their craft, separately and B2B, with hypnotic, dark techno guaranteed to move a dance floor.”

Thank you John Scott for some of that insight.

WOW! That’s a lot of Techno! Thanks for stopping by. Be safe out there and don’t forget to tune into this weekend’s show on Indy Radio Indianapolis.