This Saturday the sounds of underground techno and house will be gracing the sacred hall’s of The Sonic Temple with world class talent. Robert Armani will be the guest of honor. This special occasion is being brought to you by Universal Vibe in collaboration with Anita Bass LLC, and Techno Haute Culture.

Universal Vibe was bringing and creating sweet techno vibes for Indianapolis before we got hit with the plague. We saw talent in our humble town that have all had their place in the underground. Hiroko Yamamura! DJ Hyperactive! Noncompliant!

Robert Armani the next chapter to that Saga. Let’s talk about our supporting talent first!


AZA is an amazing techno DJ making big moves. Before Graveyard Radio’s hiatus during the pandemic we featured her and it was an easy sell! Her manager at the time had this to say.

“Aza is 100% ready to take the world by storm . . . a TRIBAL STORM of beats and drums. The kind of drum that only hard, crunchy Techno can deliver! This is no hum drum . . . It is that of dark melodies, silky smooth transitions, perfectly placed layering, subtle sampling and banging beat matching that can ONLY come from hours of hard work and dedication. This woman eats, sleeps and breaths music. It courses through her veins like the sounds of her ancestral roots. She has played on stages at events with the likes of Colette, Forest Green, Alberto Ruiz and Superstar DJ Keoki . . . solidifying her place among those she is certain to join, it is just a matter of time! Catch her in Detroit as she plays for TechnoSnob and feel free to visit her RA page for all her social media contacts.”

She just came in off a big night closing for Superstar DJ Keoki last week and she is ready to rock Indy again! Here is her latest mix from a month back for Minimal Detroit and make sure to show some love for AZA this Saturday!

John Scott

What can I say about this guy? His Techno Haute Culture has been a mad supporter of Universal Vibe in previous events. We featured this mix back a month ago on Due to a hiccup in the matrix our original feature he was in committed Hara-kiri, but I always keep notes and saved my feelings. I’ll leave them below.

“John Scott is only producing some of the most quality techno mixes over the years. A man of his craft and the old-school, John can bring it live and on his recorded mixes. I’ve seen it! As far as Graveyard Radio is concered, he is a fantastic representation of Indiana Techno!”

Torpedo Vegas as Rich Lather

Photo Courtesy of Top Hat Photography

1/2 of Paranoid Inc, Rich has been one of Naptown’s biggest supporters of the underground dance scene for over 20 years. From the old school he can spin on anything you put in front of him. He has had several monikers to match up his vibe and ever growing knowledge of the genres that he plays. Drum and Bass is his forte but tonight he is going to be bringing some sexy house vibes. I just spun some records with him recently and his enthusiasm for DJing is still as strong as it was when I knew him 21 years ago. Follow him on Twitch and check out his last contribution to for now. We are going to have something real sweet for you guys at soon.

Robert Armani

Chicago native and a true legend from the old-school, Robert Armani breaths techno and underground dance music. He has been pressing records since 1990. According to his RA Bio, he began DJing at 14 and began remixing at 18.

Boiler Room Chicago Performance
Robert Armani is a legendary part of Chicago’s
Underground Dance Landscape.

With such a massive discography, below are just 2 of his most recent releases that can be found on Beatport. Me and Anita Bass LLC both agree that the D.A.V.E. The Drummer remix of FXCK is absolute fire!

Below is a video that has been floating around social media to tease a new remix of “Circus Bells” by Drumcomplex and Roel Salemink. This is going to be an absolute banger and once we get more info, we’ll be sure to get that out in the Anita Bass LLC Official Community.

Latest Mix!

I love it! It’s going to be an amazing night for Indianapolis. Please run by the event page for all the info. There is some rules and restrictions we need to follow. Please be respectful of staff and this new venue. ROAR is in full effect. Good vibes only!