I am so exited to be bring you more details on our first show at waxradioindy.com. I got to admit, it took longer than I thought, but it was important to build up the our website and grow it’s tentacles a bit before we get on AIR. Plus, I have been real picky about the talent I wanted exclusive content from. I’ll be honest, graveyardradio.net wanted the full package. I’m proud to say that both my artists featured on this very special first show are just that. Both Diablo Syndrome and AZA are incredible DJs and Producers! We get pretty deep with both of them in this feature if you read on. The show starts this Saturday, June 5th at 6 PM EST. In the first hour we will play my first installment of my unreleased nu-disco 3-part series, West Side Story. It will be followed by an exclusive techno mix from rising DJ and Producer, all-over techno star, AZA. Then we will be closing out with our main event, another all original mix from the “Man In The Woods” Diablo Syndrome! Let give it a peek!


“Detroit House and Techno are also huge influences.”

Isis Azarene a.k.a. AZA has been everywhere recently! She just shared 2 stages in the same month with big names! One was with Superstar DJ Keoki and another with Robert Armani! We most recently featured AZA in our “Sonic Temple” feature if you missed it. I’ve listened to her little over a year ago and I have been impressed keeping up on AZA’s career so far in the underground. I feel techno is seriously on the rise again in the Mid-west and artists like AZA are proof of that. I see her as a rising star in Indianapolis’s underground and am looking forward to seeing this DJ and Artist have a bright and long future in the industry. I asked her about her background and influences and here is some things she wanted to say.

“I am not a huge fan of labeling. If something moves me I want to put elements of it in my set.”

On music as a kid:

“When I first started DJing, my influences were from my family roots of Trinidad and Tobago. Calypso music from our island is polyrhythmic and are some of the first sounds I heard as a child. I’m classically trained in vocal performance. As a kid, I held the honor of singing at the opera house and meeting Pavarotti back stage.”

“From a child I was destined to do music. From my exposure to many types of music and then majoring in Music and Vocal Performance in College the transition into DJing and production was seamless. For my entire life I have been collecting tracks. I was known as the selector in my friends and family circles before I even learned of DJ equipment.”

On influences and coming up as a DJ:

“There are two interviews that stood out for me and convinced me to DJ officially and finally go public in 2018. One was the Black Madonna (now Blessed Madonna) and the other Nicole Moudaber. As a female, I felt intimidated by the industry being mostly male. Visibility was not strong and it seemed impossible at the time. In both of these interviews they were very encouraging and their words stayed within me for years to come. I started going to house music events before I started DJing! I was raised in San Francisco and surrounded by the house music scene there. I performed on a Djembe at some events.”

Okay, I’ll be honest. I had to Google what an Djembe was guys.

“Next stop was DJing. The influence to my sound is combination of my native music, combined with my life experiences, and exposure to many types of music. I first started my affair with electronic music listening to jungle and dnb. Roni Size was on repeat in my car for awhile. Hip-Hop has also been a huge influence for me. Some artists include Common, The Roots, Black Starr, Gangstar (guru), etc. For me good music is good music! I am not a huge fan of labeling. If something moves me I want to put elements of it in my set. Being a music producer, I sometimes make my own edits, which really adds a unique personal feel to my sets. Dennis Ferrer, David Harness, and Miguel Migs were huge influences for me. Detroit House and Techno are also huge influences. Inner City’s “Good Life” was a song that stuck with me, along with Crystal Waters “She’s Homeless”. Attending Movement Festival over the years was a huge eye opener for me. It solidified what I was passionate about. It kept me inspired and excited to stay in music forever.”

So, we have influences from the Caribbean, to the West Coast, to the heavy influences that Chicago and Detroit have on the Midwest. That’s not all though. AZA has the European Experience as well.

“In my travels to Europe, I fell madly in love with techno. I went to a music program in the Netherlands. In between producing tracks, I was on trains to get to techno clubs. I got really lucky and was able to see Amelie Lens perform up close and personal in club that was literally under the ground in Rotterdam, NL. It was a small room. I was really able to feel her set and the energy in the room. She performed a 6 hour set and I’ll never forget it. I ended up meeting her and left the club feeling inspired again.”

On releasing music and techno being her passion.

“When I returned to the US I began sharing and releasing my music tracks on various labels. As a result of my travels, my sets became more hybrid. They included anything from house, tech house, to techno. I was determined to introduce some banging techno to an area that favored tech house. With every house set, I would sneak in a few techno tracks. I kept craving more of the techno I experienced visiting Detroit and my yearly Europe trips. I craved being able to play the techno. With techno, I feel like I am able to completely lose myself behind the decks and be transported to another universe. I love experimenting in techno. The fun for me is the magic being created between all of the tracks. My sets are a story and the music in each of my sets are reflective of what I am going through in my life at that particular time. It is a way for me to express myself. It is my therapy.”

I’m excited to share with you below her discography of original tracks from several labels! Peep her page on Beatport and you can find her Isolation Remix on Bandcamp! Believe these will be getting added to my collection soon.

The mix that is going to be feature on the episode of Graveyard Radio is everything I love about techno! It is very dark, hits hard, and creates some beautiful soundscapes. It features tracks from Charlotte de Witte, Spektre, and Rebuke, just to name a few.

OH! If sharing a room with Keoki and Robert Armani wasn’t enough last month, AZA will be sharing one with Green Velvet in June! I know in my heart of hearts AZA was born to throw down with legends and you are not going to want to miss this night! Show some love Indianapolis! Peep the event page for details!


The Man of the Woods

“I make jungle in the jungle. We have a literal rain forest just over the mountain”

The rain forest Diablo Syndrome is referring to is The Hoh Rainforest. Indianapolis native, Diablo one day packed up and decided to live off the land in the wilderness of Washington. He literally lives in a cabin in the woods. Totally at home with nature and living off the land. He finds much inspiration in his surrounding to make the music he makes all while promoting legal cannabis. I see Diablo Syndrome as one of the last few and true American Pioneers. To see his journey has been inspirational to say the least. I asked Diablo, was it just about leaving the hustle and bustle in the city? Was it about the weed? We got a little insight.

“Well it is really a combination platter. In Washington weed is EVERYWHERE. So, no matter where you move there is going to be mounds and mounds of marijuana. Out in the woods near the mountain by the lake and by a river, that’s fucking beautiful, so therefore the choice is clear for me. That’s where I got to go. Being back in the mid-west area I am just as seriously unimpressed by the terrain and already miss the west coast.

Diablo posts a lot of the terrain of the places he roams on Instagram. It’s amazing. It make me miss California. I definitely get that. We all love our city skylines, but you can’t go wrong with some of these breathtaking scenes he is able to capture. I’m personally over beanfields and corn myself. More on the scenery.

“I love seeing family and friends but can’t wait to get back to the entire west coast.
Even Seattle, they called it “The Emerald City” cuz it’s green itself all around. It’s like Islands. There is like the Puget Sound. You can see Mount Rainier, this mountain behind it. So on either side of the water it’s just absolutely beautiful. If you move out of the metro into the countryside, it’s insanely beautiful and so the choice is clear… go live in the woods young man.”

Diablo works in the legal Marijuana Industry and isn’t shy about it. He travels into the city when he needs to and it’s tough being off the grid. To him, it’s 100% worth it. For the freedom, the weed, and what comes out in the music. It’s been a journey.

These tracks are full of darkness and heavy bass grooves that will send you mind reeling.

“Before we moved to Washington we lived out in the Delta on 6 acres of land in an old school-house my uncle owned. We had all the basic amenities. Nothing to complain about, but we did we live fairly primitive even with like modern conveniences and things like that. The school-house had a lots of holes in it and we had all kinds of lizards and stuff like that coming in to visit us. We were no stranger to a little outback action, just the rain in Washington. I took all the feeling that I had then, going to the city crossing the waters on the ferry to get home every night, just to give me time to work on my drone base. To really focus on, or something that I want to focus on… just take an hour to myself to chill. So once I packed everything up and was in the woods and had my little studio set up, I took all the feeling of the pandemic, missing my friends, all the time I spent at in-store promotions for weed companies, I then focused it into my mixes”

“If Michaelangelo Carravagio, Pablo Picaso, and H.P. Lovecraft were a Drum and Bass Team, I am that sound.”

“Michelangelo Caravaggio is my all-time favorite painter and dare I say, the most credible, if not the best painter of all times”

We got a couple mixes here for you to check out now while you wait for Saturday’s show.

Diablo has 2 contributions to napdnb.com as well. This one sticks with me a lot. Click the link below to hear that @ hearthis.at


He’s no stranger to Graveyard Radio, Diablo Syndrome is an amazing character and artist. All of his mixes are original tracks he produced himself and they have always been hard and nasty. Check out our last mix from the Graveyard Radio archive.

Also, I need to mention Diablo has put together a 20 minute video to go along with the mix being featured Saturday. It will be getting dropped in the following days after the show, so keep an eye out at graveyardradio.net for that.

Follow Diablo Syndrome on Instagram, his platform of choice, to keep up with all of his adventures!

So, 6 P.M. EST, Saturday Evening! Don’t forget to tune in at Wax Radio Indianapolis! First Hour, will be my West Side Story Pt. 1 Mix. Hour 2, AZA – Exclusive Techno Mix. Hour 3, Diablo Sydrome, A Jungle Mix with All Original tracks! We’ll see you then!

*Update June 7th, 2021 – Show Now Available on SoundCloud