Contact Info, Mission Statement, and Official Bio.

Spike went to his first rave in 2000, titled iROBOT. The event had close to 2000 heads at an old warehouse in downtown Indianapolis.

A week later, he purchased his first set of turntables and things were never the same.


Spike has been an admirer of fringe underground music his ENTIRE life.

He has also has a special love for DJing and dance music across all genres since 2000. Spike has been using Graveyard Radio, not only to promote his own DJing, but the DJing/Production of local and underground artists since 2015.

In 2019, Spike partnered up with Anita Bass LLC. They worked together, using their respected platforms to promote radio shows, mixes, artists, and events. After becoming an official promoter/DJ for Anita Bass in 2020, Spike was inspired to create graveyardradio.net as a platform to highlight the things we loved in dance music.

Later that year, Spike partnered with Aggressively Postive Media. APM brings interviews, show reviews, and other great content to Graveyard Radio.

graveyardradio.net is Spike’s platform to share the music he and his friend’s love with the world.