Kinetic Fire popped off without a hitch and was a huge success. This year the festival had a huge presence from the Guerrilla Noise crew on it’s already expansive line-up. That’s pretty standard however, those in attendance were treated a pretty big dose of the Guerrilla boys this time around featuring sets from Danny Baltimore, Intent to Deliver, Curtis Jones, Renegades of Bass, and Wobble. There was even a huge Guerrilla tag session we heard may have got recorded but for right now, we’ve been treated to Intent to Deliver’s set.

Intent to Deliver did not hold back very much at all as expected. Being deeply involved with this festival over the years, the Guerrilla Noise label head was 100% in his element. Right out the gate he brings super techy, and funky flavors to his mix. ITD keeps the transitions super tight, and flexes some pretty big bangers and drops. You get a little bit of a chill vibe on the middle to catch your breath for a second before he takes you to outer space, then turns the energy right up on you, keeping basslines funky, and snare drums snappy. Some straight G shit no doubt. Bang this one in that trunk, you won’t regret it.

Intent to Deliver’s latest tracks was released just a couple weeks ago and was a remix of label mate, Def Marivich’s “Take It Back” available on all platforms. ITD has another remix coming out this Friday when Curtis Jones & Uriah G release their collaboration, “En Guerra” that will be available on all platforms as well. However, you can get the Beatport pre-order in and help the boys out by clicking the artwork below.