Danny Baltimore is one of the most creative rising stars in the underground as far as I’m concerned. Yes, I am affiliated with Guerrilla Noise, they are my homies. That doesn’t change the fact that Danny Baltimore can get sick with it on some tracks. To add onto that, Danny is 100% a lover of music, and each Guerrilla Noise release by him has been a unique piece of work. Whether it’s his more DNB inspired, Lost in Space EP or his more EDM sounding track from the Guerrilla Sessions Vol. 1 EP, Danny is putting out some amazing work with Guerrilla Noise. It’s worth noting also, his contributions to Guerrilla Noise are just a speck of his full catalog. Please go check him out. His music is currently streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and most streaming platforms. Now let’s get to the latest release.

What we have here is a plethora of sounds fitting together like they were all meant for each other. The EP was labeled under “Electronica” on Beatport and has found its way to into the Top 50 on the Electronica Top 100 Releases chart. Digital Samurai has a brilliantly eerie melody with big boom-bap sounds, and heavy bass. We also have some great use of vocalized harmonies and some classic hip-hop sampling.

Blissful Sorrow really shows Baltimore’s depth in his various influences. It starts on a more mellow note. Nice guitar riff that sounds very “south-western” to me. Enter a classic boom-bap hip-hop beat, with a simple vocalization, upon more layers of melody before bringing in a funky-ass bass line. In comes the heavy jazz horns, followed by a magical flute melody straight out the Far East, you have a beautiful composition of music. The real peak of the track though is when the music stops and all we hear is a blissful acoustic guitar, then get ready for a dope heavy bass drop.

Danny is obviously taking inspiration from bits of music culture around the world and really creating just good tracks in so many different flavors. We also got good news for those planning on attending Kinetic Fire, Danny will be coming out from the East coast to perform a set for us.

This year Kinetic Fire will be held May 18th through the 21st. Please follow the Kinetic Fire Facebook for full line-up details, ticket information, and all that jazz. It’s going to be an event not to be missed!