Danny Baltimore’s debut release on Guerrilla Noise Records dropped on Saturday. The Maryland DJ/Producer is relatively new to the game. DJing for 7 years, and producing for just 3, Danny has put some great sounds together. He is making some very fresh sounding music. We are excited for people to get these genre bending tracks on this release in their record collection. I feel Danny is really out there, trying to create his own sound. No fillers here, DJs need to have their wits about them. Even though each track is clocking in around 3 minutes each, we have a lot going on.

We’ve been promoting this release as drum and bass, however, the first track is actually a chill breakbeat track. The drums snap and the sampling is on point. Everything sounds really clear, so even though it’s the more easy going track on the EP, it’ll still warm ya up a bit, and get ya to move.

“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'” is the highlight of the release, for sure! The stringed synth sounds almost angelic, and it brings you in before a section of dirty bassline smacks you in the face. All while we get an ambiguous and hilarious si-fi movie sample spanning a couple lines throughout the track.

The third track, “The Astroid Field,” is deffinetly the “getaway” part of this story. Again, more beautiful sounding synths over frantic drums. There is a dark vibe here. Like, an “Are we going to make it?” feeling. This is definitely a more eerie and unnerving sounding track, while also still sounding beautiful.

‘Lost in Space’ in available on all platforms. I’d also encourage people to check out his other music as well. Danny is not putting himself in any boxes, and is really pushing a uniqueness to his sounds.