One of the best things Indianapolis has to offer is the Melody Inn and the DNB promoters that have been doing shows there for decades. The people on top in the current era are the ones at NAP DNB. The punk-rock venue and NAP DNB paired together possibly create one of the most intimate expereinces you could have with a world class DNB/Jungle artist in the country. If you don’t believe me, see Aggressively Positive’s Review of Tim Reaper.

Last Tuesday was “One for the books” as they say. Coco Bryce ripped apart Melody Inn’s dance floor, making it impossible to even get out the front door for a breath of fresh air. Who would want to? Byrce laid down track after track with speed and precision. He worked the mixer with a cunning professionalism that kept all heads nodding, fists pumping, and feet moving as he blew through a set of jungle, working in massive footwork tunes that set the floor on fire.

The headliner isn’t all there is to talk about though. The evening was set by a cast of old faces and new behind the decks. The back room?! Holy smokes!

Let me tell you about this back room…

The vibe was set in the back room by a flavor of mainly old school 90’s jungle and ragga jungle. Scottie Manners warmed things up nicely, followed by iMachine, and Ultimate Reality keeping the back room hot and packed till Coco Bryce’s set took place in the main room. I was taken back by the passion and vibes in the room for the music being played, and the DJs playing it.

The main room vibes were super chill, with RinTin opening up the night, followed by Wes Clay changing the things up for us with a set that started with some more downtempo, to some deep house, and then picked up the pace with some techno. Next, was the always punctual Rich Lather, who gave direct support to Coco. Rich brought a drum and bass set that was high energy and really threw his set down with his own work of trickery on the mixer. After Coco’s epic set, Mr. Rob Jones aka B.A. Barrawkus “if you’re nasty” closed things off proper.

If you haven’t gotten enough Coco Bryce, check out this History of Jungle Show that has been making the rounds on social media the last few weeks. It is a mind blower.