This last Tuesday, Indianapolis got down and dirty with Tim Reaper and Nap DnB over at the Melody Inn. It was one for the record books kids! If you missed it, then all I can say is; I’m sorry for your loss.

5 Minute Video Recap!

Gizzmo, set the tone for the evening in the front room and served up some techstep and Neuro, staying true to his old school roots. He is a seasoned professional, immensely talented, and a perfect choice to prepare the palettes of the attendees. Gizzmo is truly a gem in the crown of not only the Indianapolis drum and bass scene, but the Indianapolis electronic music scene as a whole.

Little Town has easily become one of my favorite local DJs as of late. Originally hailing from Brazil, this trailblazing young lady is as talented and versatile as she is kind. She consistently delivers quality sets with unique track selections that will make you lose your seat and move your feet. The set she prepared for this event was no exception. I am truly excited to watch her continuing growth and progression of her music career.

     When I think of excellence within the drum and bass scene of Indianapolis, two names that always top that list are Manic and Johnny Utah. These two DJ/Producers are a wellspring of knowledge and acumen. High energy and dynamic, the aptly named DJ/ Producer Manic consistently delivers excellence and has a heartfelt passion for the music. He has a show called New Science Radio at that pumps all that this music arbiter has to offer directly into your ears every Sunday afternoon from 12pm- 2pm (So make sure you tune in!)

The enigma that is DK/ Producer Johnny Utah is a respected staple in the Indianapolis underground drum and bass scene. A purist anaudiophile, the time and energy he has put in is reflected in the quality of his music. Johnny Utah makes the complex look effortless and leaves you always wanting more.Together they delivered an unforgettable set!

In the back room there were open decks and the talent showed up and showed out! We were blessed with music from Marcus Rolla, Mark Harper, Modest, and more!

Tim Reaper. A household name in underground drum and bass and founder of Future Retro in London graced Indianapolis with a once in a lifetime intimate yet powerful set. Just coming off Bass Coast festival in Vancouver this event felt so personal. Throughout his set his love and respect jungle  was apparent. If you closed your eyes and let yourself go, it was almost like you could have been back in the “Good Ole Days”. His sound is guiding this new revival of jungle music in the UK and abroad into a beautiful new era. In person,he was humble, kind, and passionate about his music. He told me how much fun he had playing his set and commented on how amazing it was to see Indy’s heart for the music.

      On a personal level, he’s become a bit of a hero for me. Now in his late 20s, he stumbled into drum and bass and then Jungle in 2007 because of a school project for his media studies class. After listening to a mix CD by Andy C (A total legend). He was blown away by the sound. He dug deeper into “archives” so to speak, he ran into Jungle and fell so deep in love, he knew he wanted to make this music. So,in 2009 without a single music lesson or experience, he started composing beats on his laptop. Now, he’s doing festival circuits. Proof positive that with passion and inspiration you can do anything you put your mind to.

    Toro took us out with some melodic deep bass. His all vinyl set was a treat for us older folks, especially in these days of all digital. He thoroughly displayed his vast depth of knowledge with his track selection and was the perfect wind down to an incredible evening. I look forward to seeing Toro perform again and will definitely be keeping an eye out for any future events.

    A huge shout-out and thank you to NapDnb and Head Mischief Maker Courtney. They are responsible for bringing Indianapolis incredible talent and continuing to enrich the Indianapolis electronic music scene. And a big thank you to everyone who shows up and supports these events and to the supporting local DJs who selflessly give their time and art to entertain us.

-Article by Phoebe Joyce Dutton

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