So excited to bring another hot mix from the Techno Haute Culture and company. It has been a pleasure working with them, and have the opportunity to put out this holiday series of mixes on Graveyard Radio. This time we have a slammin’ set from Wesley Clay. He is an ol’ G in the dance music scene. With a background in audio engineering, he is no amateur behind the decks, or in the studio.

You can see for yourself. Not only did we get an exclusive mix, but we had to share this live DJ set from his support slot when T-1000 visited Indianapolis.

With experienced precision, Wes produces a flawless mix of some very exciting techno. A tracklist was provided and is in the description on Soundcloud. A couple slow burner tracks here and there for some nice atmosphere, with a payoff of some amazing flare once the mixing comes in. The last 20 minutes of the mix especially brings it, saving some of the sweetest sounds for last.

Graveyard Radio and Techno Haute Culture hopes you enjoy the mixes. Have a happy and safe holiday season, and we will see you again soon.