It’s been a long time coming and DJ T-1000 is finally returning to Indianapolis! Techno Haute Culture presents Bazaar!

We are back at Indy’s most unique venue, Healer! I can’t say enough good things about the vibe and experience you will have in the environment that venue and it’s contributors have created. Let’s check out some music!

DJ T-1000

“Detroit-born, Berlin-based Alan D. Oldham has been called “Detroit Techno’s Renaissance Man” by Muzik Magazine (UK). Electronic musician, label owner, remixer, graphic illustrator, and international DJ, Oldham-under his stage name DJ T-1000-does it all.” – Quoted from DJ T-1000’s Resident Advisor

The Dirty Underground EP

DJ T-1000 just dropped a new EP and it is bringing some serious heat with the hard and dirty shit the real heads eat up! These are the type of tracks a punk like me listens to techno!

This EP is available on all platforms for stream and purchase.

With Support From:

THC has been banging it out for Indiana Techno!

Their collective continues to grow, and they now have an official SoundCloud since we last spoke of them. Some of their most recent mixes have been uploaded to the page, and I deffinetly got to share a few of those with you.


John Scott



AZA has an exclusive mix coming to THC soon. However, if you follow, AZA has been mentioned on Graveyard Radio multiple times for being not only a being a great DJ, but flexing those producer chops as well. She just released a track on October 1st as part of PINK Compilation released by the Mastoid Kollektive. Check out that and more below!

More tracks from AZA!

Our Graveyard Radio Exclusive Mix!


Not mentioned in the flyer, we got the scoop on a special guest DJ that will also be performing, SHIBASCREAM who is very “genre fluid” and has an assortment of mixes available on Twitch. Be sure to show him some love and give a follow.

Not an event to be missed. 2 stages – Outdoor and Indoor. Make sure you swing by the official event page on Facebook to get off the info needed to attend. Have fun and be safe!