We have kept our eye’s open all week, looking for some of the hottest mixes. Graveyard Radio wanted to bring all of our people a full helping of beats for your holiday. We made sure there was enough so everyone could have seconds.


First up, one of my personal techno favorites, Noncompliant. She has dropped a slammin’ ELECTRO MIX! She had some words about it on her Instagram post we included below.

DJ Contrast

DJ Contrast dropped his opening set for Noisia for Drum and Bass Proper. This set is sick like the flu. Shout out to Octane Amy for the heads up on this one.

DJ Curtis Jones

DJ Curtis Jones has dropped a welcomed surprise mix on us. He is bringing the funk on this one! Guaranteed to bring good vibes and make you get down, this mix is definitely going into my trunk rotation. Phoeb’s got the low-down on this for us.

Tony Dee

Representing the East Coast, Tony Dee has a very nice selection of breaks and techno in his latest mix. The artwork was the eye catcher


If all that hasn’t filled you up, we got one more. Graveyard Radio and Anita Bass LLC have an archive of mixes from our shows over the years. This week, we decided to throw one of our favorites. LO! plays some gnarly drum and bass. Please check out this throwback from April 2020, available for the first time on our SoundCloud.

With that, Graveyard Radio and Anita Bass LLC would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!