This weekend we are pulling out the big guns! Graveyard Radio has acquired an exclusive mix from Octane Amy. This is exciting! We all know how Amy feels about drum & bass. She likes to talk about it a lot and you may need to read up if you’re not hip.

Not only did Amy deliver a slamming mix, she also basically made my job super easy bringing you a bombastic feature to go along with the mix. Octane Amy just wants to push some drum & bass into your face. I’m fucking here for it! Here is her in depth run-down on this mix that is sure to rattle your brain.

“Kicking off with something fresh from Disaszt “Good & Bad” on Formation Records mixed with Glitch City & Contagion’s “Smilers” on Amusement Audio. Dark, bassy, funky vibes can’t be missed.”

“Incoming heater from Korsakov Music by the artist Something Something titled “Someone” has that gripping vocal and sic reece bassline it’s an anthem in the making for sure! “What I Need” from Aktive provides another gripping vocal mix, smashing track on DeVice… they have just been killing it on that label this year!!”

“Got both of ESKR’s latest releases on Boomslang Recordings in the mix as well, “Get Crazy” and “Disruptor” are insanely good he has been on fire all around this year!!”

“New one from Dropset on Shell Shock as part of the Hardcore vs Drum and Bass release. Full of the most brutal tracks, deffo worth a listen!”

“Also have some ID’s in the mix from one of my favourite producers about to warp time and space smashing through dimensions in somewhat of a quantum leap one might say… gonna have to wait and see!!”

Octane Amy is the real deal when it comes to drum & bass. Whether it’s writing about it, promoting it, or DJing it, it is the forefront of what she does. She is still stacking endless amounts of mixes on her SoundCloud, and playing mad shows. You know we got a couple flyers to check out! Let’s see where Amy is playing next!

You can click on the flyers to RSVP at the event pages and get the details. Looks like good times. Photos for cover art and feature courtesy of Caputured By Cruz and Isaac Sanchez Photography. We hope you enjoy the mix and have a great weekend!