I ain’t going to lie. It’s obvious loves #TNL. This is my 3rd mention of RiotSound and The Usual Suspects since going live with the website. How can I not talk about them? They have been bringing so much quality talent since some of the first pandemic shut-downs of last year, it’s hard not to get excited when they bring another chance to catch Frankie Bones! I’m definitely going to take the opportunity to write about him. Just to share a couple thoughts, a couple of big mixes for you guys to bump this week, and where you can catch Frankie playing out soon as the world continues to open back up.

A long time ago, I discovered a downtown Indianapolis warehouse full of freaks, geeks, and weirdos all getting down to the same beat. I was learning about the culture, etiquette, and just getting acquainted with this thing I had found. I was prompted to check out a DJ from New York named Frankie Bones. It was several months later I saw a documentary called “Better Living Through Circuitry” where a segment that was done on Frankie Bones that stuck with me still all these years later.

Catch Frankie’s segment at the
3 minute,10 second mark.

The segment in the film shows Frankie’s love and passion for music and records. I felt that. Even though the culture has changed so much since this film, I feel it’s important to remember it’s that passion that brought us here today and why we still do what we do.

2 legends together:
Frankie Bones & Juan Atkins in
London @
Memory Box Acid Rave

I felt that as I was checking out these mixes I’m about to share with you.

Quoted Below is Frankie’s
own words on this mix that was
taken from
his SoundCloud.

“Eternal 88 is an omnipresent force between gaining and losing the people we care about. Both living and the ones we lost along the way. We never forget. At least I don’t. I am very hyper-focused on memories of things from the past. But I am equal on forward thinking, what is destiny and did I make the right choices?

Life is a lesson. I made some complete and utter wrong moves in my life but regret is not part of this. I mean I do regret all the people who I was close with and used me in such a way to see me as an enemy. This has been going on for decades. People will turn on you in an instant and flip a desk of your entire life’s work upside down.

The pandemic introduced itself at a specific time a year ago. Last year on April 15, 2020, New York City lost 10,000 people in the matter of 30 days. Whatever DJ Culture was has been frozen in time to the 30 years before it. The great reset button pressed now in 2021.

It was my actions in 1988 which led me here. But Eternal 88 is Hellbent on 2002. A year after 9-11. 2012 is another year. I got stories for days. Based on real. All I wanted was my music & how I play it to survive. You wanted to pretend you were me, clearly NOT. I deal with a lot of that.

Onto this project. A lot of soul searching went on to make this reality. It’s from the soul, from my heart and it’s honest. It’s “Frankie Bones” in present, omnipresent moment. The here & now. Today. It’s still future forward. I’m actually holding the juicy bits back letting the universe do it’s thing.”

This is the passion I was talking about. No matter what, we keep doing what we do.

United DJs Of America 25 Year
Anniversary Mix

Frankie had some words about this mix as well. There was a link posted on the mix titled “The Story” which led to a photo image on flickr explaining the history behind the mix, giving us some cool insight.

That being said, along with being live at TNL here are a couple other upcoming shows Frankie will be playing!


Click the links above to get the scoop on these events and make sure you go give RiotSound a follow on Facebook and Twitch to get in on the action Thursday Night and we will see you soon.