There has been a lot of livestream shows on social media that have come along during the pandemic. ‘Thursday Nite Live’ is one of my absolute favorites.

Let’s talk about the shop first.

Riotsound DJ and Vinyl Shop is based out of Newton, NJ. They have been operating since 2005. Not only do they sell pro-audio gear and DJ equipment, they are extreme fans of underground DJ and dance culture. Their website features interviews, graffiti galleries, and mixes!

Owner of the shop, Destro 187, is a member of The Usual Suspects DJ Collective. Together, they are the foundation of TNL.

Even in my hiatus over the last 10 months, I have been helping my co-conspirator, Anita Bass LLC, promote these excellent shows. Peep these impressive past-flyers below. Props to TNL’s Art Department! These are some recent ones. This show has been going weekly since April 2020!

I’ve tuned in to a few of these. I can say, all these shows where straight quality. Now, let’s check out some mixes!

Destro just dropped a brand new hard techno mix.

I had the pleasure to chat him up for a few minutes this evening after driving home and listening to it. This mix banged my speakers hard! So I asked him what other mixes from the collective I should check out next. His list was as follows.

I love it. I’ve had just a sample of all these mixes. I am excited to bang all them out over the next couple days.

You can catch ‘TNL’ every Thursday at 8 P.M. EST @