A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Guerrilla Noise Artist, Def Marivich. This week I am excited to let you guys know, Dyonysiz, a founding member of Guerrilla Noise Records drops a new EP today.

Jason Allen a.k.a. Dyonysiz has been making music since he was 14 years old. The Indianapolis native beamed when I told him the first track on his “State of Matter” 3 track EP was 100% reminiscent of A Perfect Circle in the opening piano melodies. Makes sense after checking his bio to find out he played in punk and industrial bands in his teenage years. I also smiled when I saw it was Trent Reznor and The Prodigy that helped inspire him to create music. His background in darker music, then making the switch to electronic music later in life, is relatable to me.

Dyonysiz, like his label mate Def Maravich, is really creating his own sound on this one. I’ve only known of him as a DJ for the last couple years. That is as a drum and bass DJ from his NAPDNB contributions. However, Dyonysiz is very well rounded in DJing multiple genres. I can hear on this latest release that he is creating a great hybrid of chill-hop and drum and bass. It’s some of the most chill drum and bass I ever heard and his use of piano and synth sounds bring inner peace when you are listening to these tracks. Not to overly keep bringing up 90’s nostalgia but the second track, featured in his new mix, “Settled Between” has a subtle warm synth tone, that reminds me of a sound you would hear on a Nine Inch Nails instrumental.

Let’s talk about the mix. To go along with this fantastic release, napdnb.com has put Dyonysiz up for it’s latest Episode! It features 2 tracks off the EP. To quote directly from their article on Monday:

“Dyonysiz typically has an affliction for the darker more psychedelic grooves but today’s mix runs the gauntlet of variety, journeying through a myriad of music, featuring remixes and bootlegs from Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, and Massive Attack, as well as some of his recent original productions “Settled between” and “In the Shallows” from his 3 track EP”

RinTin of napdnb.com

Hearing this mix definitely made me even more excited to talk about Dyonysiz’s release today. Jason told me this is probably the “most creative mix he has done” and I am in love with his range on this one. He has been mixing for close to 10 years now and pulls off some of the trickier mixes in this contribution like a seasoned veteran.

“State of Matter” is now available on all platforms.