David Martin a.k.a. Def Marivich has been producing since 2005. I recently discovered him a week or so ago and was thoroughly impressed with his output. Quoting from his official bio: “David credits his inspiration to produce to Derk Gates, a quadripeligic DJ and business owner who David worked for as a teenager. Under this mentorship, David learned the ins and outs of DJing which led to delving into the production side of
music.” I listened to the album posted below twice leading up to the release of Waves. I liked it so much, I hit up a favorite DJ friend of mine and asked if he had heard it. I knew he spun downtempo/trip-hop in the past and knew he would appreciate it. With his approval, I was sold.

2020 LP Release

I’m not a downtempo/trip-hop dude. I do feel with maturity, I am becoming more open minded towards genres of electronic music I have yet to explore. I loved this LP. I’m glad I’m finding the good stuff and getting down to it.

I talked to David about some of his influences. He shared the artists that drove him to produce and create his own sound in the music. The very first album he had bought on his own was Bone Thug & Harmony’s, Art of War.
He named some of his favorite artist growing up as Huey Lewis and The News, The Beatles, David Bowie, and The Cure. When Hip-Hop entered his life, everything changed. It became all about Nas, Mos Def, DMX, Beastie Boys, Busta Rhymes, and Wu-Tang.

He also told me his biggest influence was Beck. I can see 100% see that in his tracks. David is also an avid piano player and it shows in his music.

The new EP clocks in at just a little over 13 minutes. What it lacks in length, it make up for in depth. I found myself hitting play multiple times. Everything is placed together perfectly. From the deep beats, sampling, and vocals.

Waves is now available out now on Guerrilla Noise Recordings and is available on all platforms.