It was just a couple weeks ago we talked about RiotSound, #TNL, and The Usual Suspects on This week, Aldo Sanchez hit up Anita Bass LLC . He asked if we could talk about John Creamer for this week’s #TNL. He shared some links with us and we are more than obliged to share them with you.

“John Creamer is making an appearance this week on Thursday Nite Live, with the Usual Suspects, to Jam out to some great music with the crew. John Creamer has been around for a long time, working on some great projects, especially the collaboration between him and Stephanie K with the Kosheen remix for Hide U, as well as being a part of the New York-based duo UpAllNight, with Noam Rubinstein.”

-Anita Bass LLC

You could get lost in his body of work on his Soundcloud page. It’s a massively impressive amount of remixes and collaborations that had me very reminiscent of my warehouse days.

A few more classics Aldo shared with us. The Rapture Remix gives me goosebump feelings for “back in the day” vibes and is a sound I think is underappreciated by some.

Alex, RiotSound Owner and Usual Suspect, dug up this mix to bump and throw out there from UpAllNight.

Catch #TNL this Thursday – April 28, 2021 @ and RiotSound’s Facebook Page at 8 P.M. EST.

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