We got another Halloween Treat for our listeners. Octane Amy once again goes no holds barred on another mix for Graveyard Radio.

This mix is not the the faint of heart. Just over an hour, and I’m counting about 46 tracks! Amy is blowing the door off the hinges on this one. She was more than happy to give us the run down on it.

“Lots of Neuropunk and Eatbrain per usual! Ha! Ha! A bunch of new and forthcoming bits. Raving Panda & Neurofunk What Else are teaming up for the “Friends LP” coming out this week. It really hits! There’s a bunch from that in this set. New Punchman EP coming on Neuropunk soon too! It absolutely slaps can’t wait to play these on this weekend!”

You can read Amy’s full review and write up on that “Friends LP” here. You can also see the full tracklist of the mix on SoundCloud.

Your next time to check out Octane Amy on the decks live will be on November 22nd. Decibel Drum & Bass is bringing out Danny The Wildchild and others to Quarters. Get all the info on the event page.

Also be sure to check out Graveyard Radio’s other Halloween Mix from DJ Fate. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!