Uriah G Presents put on another fabulous event at the diamond of downtown Indy’s nightlife, Invy Nightclub. The event took place last month. Eli & Fur played to a ravenous party crowd, as they spurred on cheers of joy from patrons and party goers with a slamming set! Graveyard Radio witnessed the show.

We were stoked to finally get these beautiful photos from Snaps Inc. to hit our inbox and finally get the chance to put them up for you to see and best describe our experience.

We arrived at the club as Trung and Espinoza took to the decks. The club was already packed on the dancefloor from bar to DJ booth. The duo gave the patrons a good working of crowd pleasers. Each DJ shined in their own moments. Trung shined through with the crowd at the peek of their frenzy, Espinoza did find himself a nice groove towards the end of the set to a room of happy faces as Eli & Fur approached the booth.

As Eli & Fur made the walk through the crowd to the booth, the energy in the crowd was electric with anticipation. The scene was magical as they transitioned into their first song! Eli & Fur were incredible to watch. I’m putting this show in my top 5 most memorable fun DJs I’ve seen. I was expecting a more chill, “trancey” sort of vibe, but they read the crowd, this crowd came to party and so did they. Eli & Fur played tons of super hype party tracks and the vibe and smile on their face never left, as they danced, mixed, and played every track with perfection and grace. Several of the tracks I tried to search for on good assistant came up “?” of coarse, I can confirm hearing versions of Eli & Fur hits such as “Start the Fire” and “You’re So High”. It was also a beautiful moment when the crowd heard them drop “Freedom Tonight” by Javi Reina. The vibe was at an all time high. You know that moment your at a show and you get, you have this feeling like, no matter how fucked the world is, you have a glimpse of hope everything will be okay? Personally, those moments are why I do what I do. Those are the moments I live for. Tonight we are free.

After Eli & Fur wrapped up their set, we were treated to a surprise set from Uriah G to close the night. G went hard playing his signature style of tech house bangers to an eager crowd of late night partiers. Eli & Fur took this time to mingle and take some pictures with fans. It was truly another glamorous night at Invy Nightclub for Graveyard Radio.

Graveyard Radio is locked into supporting what I’m calling “A Very Invy Christmas” December 22nd with JJ Flores.

Is not going to matter if it’s cold in Indy, because this is going to be one hot night in downtown December 22nd. JJ Flores is going to take over Invy’s dance floor with Joe Meltdown & Uriah G! Not to mention 90’s naptown legend Matt Porter is going to put it down for us as well! Very excited about that. Get your tickets at the usual invynightclub.com. We’ll see you soon.