Trip-Hop master, Def Marivich is a force to be reckond with. When not showing off his cat on social media, he’s putting hours upon hours working on his craft. Like most the boys in Guerrilla Noise, the man cannot stop creating. His sound quality in his tracks are superb and he is continuing the trend of turning things up a notch with his Guerrilla Noise releases. This time Marivich serves up a slice of deep house. The track with it’s 2 remixes by Intent to Deliver and Danny Baltimore are now available on all platforms. We are encouraging people to purchase and download the tracks on Beatport. .

Def Marivich uses his signature human voice effects to shape and tone the track. Hearing these sounds the way Marivich uses them on a deep house tune is seriously satisfying. The track is beautifully layered with sound almost immediately and he is really flexing what he can do behind his DAW.

Intent to Deliver techs up the sound a little bit, also slightly upping the tempo. Deliver puts his on spin on the use Marivich’s human voice. Instead of just bombarding us with layers of sound, he sets a steady mood, and builds up to it, before giving us a nice bridge, then brings back a full drop of new tweaks and sounds.

Danny Baltimore takes the more trippy approach creating a plethora of funky ass shit. Baltimore really plays and tweaks with the human voice. You kind feel the track is going to go right, before a sick little fill and then hard left. We get teased with those horns when they kick in shortly after the track beggins and I just couldn’t wait for that loop and melody to come back. This one really played with my emotions and I’m going to just start telling every artist I know to get Danny Baltimore to do your fucking remixes because they turn everything to gold that they touch.