Last Saturday, Trinidad Traxx and Friends put on another successful event at VFW Post #2839. Graveyard Radio has become big fans of these events. We wrote about the last event, gave you guys the details on the coziness of the venue, and talked about how Trinidad Traxx uses every event they do, to do some kind of good for the community. This time harm reduction was front and center, an issue that hits close to home for a lot of us.

The House of Wax event was able to raise $300 to donate to Overdose Lifeline, INC. An organization on the front lines of the opiate epidemic since 2014. With International Overdose Awareness Day approching on August 31th, Trinidad Traxx hosted House of Wax to honor the day with a way to educate, plus remember those we have lost.

“Really the whole purpose behind Overdose Awareness Day is to remember people that we’ve lost,” Justin Phillips, founder and executive director of Overdose Lifeline, said. “When you lose someone, especially to this stigmatized cause of death, it’s very devastating and hard to talk about and you feel alone and there’s some shame involved. The purpose of this day really is to raise up those that we’ve lost and remember them and give them importance and value for the life that they did, not their cause of death.”

As explained in the original press release, there is a lot of information about Overdose Lifeline on their website. Employees were on hand at House of Wax to educate people on prevention.

I was informed by Trinidad Traxx that Overdose Lifeline managed to pass out 50 Noxalone kits. They also had Fentanyl and Xylanize test strips available.

Xylanize is a new one for myself. Trinidad Traxx learned the difference between them as well from this event and we at Graveyard Radio thought this was very important to share as well.

“They are similar in the fact they are used as cut. Xylazine is an anesthesia like Ketamine but it is not a disassociate like K. Xylazine and Fentanyl drug mixtures place users at a higher risk of suffering a fatal drug poisoning. Because Xylazine is not an opioid, Naloxone (Narcan) does not reverse it’s effects. Still, experts always recommend administering Naloxone if someone might be suffering a drug poisoning. People who inject drug mixtures containing Xylazine also can develop severe wounds, including necrosis—the rotting of human tissue—that may lead to amputation.”

More can be learned about Xylazine here.

It’s also worth noting, Overdose Lifeline is looking to be more involved in Indianapolis’s dance scene to help keep people at events educated and safe. Requests for staff training on how to use Narcan has already been put into motion from known Indianapolis nightclubs. If you are a promoter or venue and would like more info on working with Overdose Lifeline contact

The party itself was great! We did get a little of a late start with some sound issues. The vibe was festive however, even with the delay, patrons were super respectful and patient while issues got worked out. It was super appreciated.

We were able to catch sets from Trevor Lamont, Neighbz, and Jibaro. Lamont brought uplifting house vibes, the headliner served up the dance floor proper. Neighbz brought an all vinyl set, bringing those classic old school vibes we were all craving.

Jibaro of Siren Project darkened things up as we were leaving, I was able to catch the drum and bass portion of her multi-genre set. What I heard sounded fantastic. The bar area, another great highlight of this venue, was full of friends and inviting conversation all around. Not to mention the staff, that was incredibly accepting and polite. All in all Trinidad Traxx covered all their bases and all the ravers I talked to had an amazing time and loved the event.

Be sure to give Trinidad Traxx a follow on Facebook or Instagram to get the heads up on their next event. More contact info before as well. We will be looking forward to the next one!