Uriah G heads out of his home state once again to support Aliens on Mushrooms & Gettoblaster. This time “The Don” will be heading to Grand Rapids to support Gettoblaster + Friends on August 26th. This is going to be a sick show for anyone in that neck of the woods. Tickets can be purchased here!

Still a lot of hype for Uriah G at Graveyard Radio. A search of his name at graveyardradio.net will bring up 4 pages of results… Like with every artist we cover on a regular basis, it’s been a humbling journey to watch him grow and continue to push himself. From releasing tracks, playing shows in other parts of the country, signing to Aliens on Mushrooms, having a new release on Beatport in the top 10 just a few weeks ago, Uriah G is just getting started, and won’t be going away anytime soon.

This latest mix Uriah has done for Graveyard Radio proves everything I said. Uriah G is going hard on this exclusive and he is at the top of his game. From his mixes to his tracks selection, Uriah is becoming more and more comfortable behind the decks.

Uriah is definitely telling you part of his story in dropping tracks like this.

With a mix just under 2 hours long, I’m not going to fully disect it. It’s definetly a great party mix and Uriah is sticking to his guns with a mix full of tech house bangers. However, Uriah surprised me with a couple selections that showed a softer side and some real soul.

“Your Love” by Stuart Ojelay & Martin Wright glimmered like an oasis in a desert 55 minutes into the mix. The mix has a few more uplifting and soulful moments. I loved the closing track. It’s a club revision for the 1974 song “How Long” by Ace.

I hadn’t heard this hook since my childhood. It was an awesome nostalgic note to end things on.