DJ Fate has been very busy this year. She has been DJing and running a weekly night, The B & Beats at The Ball & Buscuit located on 331 Massachusetts Ave. If you’re look for an intimate and chill night out with some great music, this is your ticket.

The weekly run every Thursday from 7 to 11 PM. It 21+ and has an amazing menu of drinks. I’m told they even have a great selection non-alcoholic beverages, and you can even add CBD or Delta 9 to them as well.

Fate bring in a new guest DJ every week. However, the amazing DJ Top Speed holds residency at the event the first Thursday of every month, which is coming up this Thursday. The music is open format. However, don’t expect anything top 40. The music will be as eclectic and as underground as her latest exclusive mix submitted to Graveyard Radio. You can rsvp at the official event page.

This is the most fun we’ve had with a mix on Graveyard Radio in some time. “Hell’s Front Porch” was named for the miserably hot day last week it was recorded on. The set is a gauntlet of BPM and genre changes. We got bass music, grime, drum & bass, ghetto-tech, house, downtempo and more! The set is 90 minutes and ranges from 70 to 135 BPMs.

It features artists such as Flowdan, The Polish Ambassador, Zhu, Big Miz, Alice Francis, and Rae Sremmurd. This mix really shows Fate’s amazing diversity on the decks. She doesn’t miss a beat and it will keep you guessing. This is by far one of my favorite additions to the Graveyard Radio library.