Another month goes by, and we get to see what kind of Alchemy the Guerrilla Noise crew pumps out next. Graveyard Radio has been on an amazing journey with these guys. All Guerrilla Noise drops this year have been able to chart in Top 50 new releases on Beatport in their respected genre’s, with many of them landing top 10 spots.

“Aleister” is a slow burner, bringing classic wubby vibes. The track keeps things raw using bass drum and snare that sound as if it’s being played on a real drum set, same with that opening bass line. When I started playing the track, I thought I was listening to a band. That is until we start to hear the trickery Danny puts in. Especially on the drums and fills. We hear creepy riffs with bowed string instruments, piano keys, and even a sitar. Baltimore works effects on each instrument after it’s initial loop. Whatever he is doing sets out a sense of unease.

All I can think about listening to this is Crowley spun out on psychedelics in some desert wasteland as he “channeled spirits”. I happen to know a thing or two about the enigma that was Aleister Crowley. I own few various books by Crowley or related to him. Some say the man was a charlatan, he may of been mad, maybe a little of both. There was definitely something off about him, and Danny definitely alchemized Aleister’s vibe and spirit on this track.

The remix on this one was done by Renegades of Bass. This version puts heavier emphasis on electronic sounding drums after the initial intro. The duo pumps things up with this element, creating a dubstep/dnb hybrid. They keep the some of the creepy energy put off by Danny’s track. The Renegades version definitely feels heavier than the original. Both tunes are incredibly fresh and creative. They will for sure take you to that dark place you know you shouldn’t be looking into, but you prolly will anyways.

As of publishing this article, “Aleister” sits at #21 on the Beatport’s “New Dubstep Release” Chart. You can purchase it there by clicking here.