The sad news of DJ Deeon’s passing rocked dance communities world wide when it hit. Tributes and well wishes poured out from all over the internet Monday morning for the 56 year old ghetto house pioneer. Gettoblaster’s Paul Anthony had some very heartfelt words to say about his mentor on Facebook that were absolutely gut wrenching, saying he be “Dedicating the rest of his career” to the late DJ/Producer. Then yesturday Paul shared the Aliens on Mushrooms Podcast with his Facebook followers. The mix contains Deeon’s big classic anthems and a bunch of Gettoblaster’s collaborations and remixes involving DJ Deeon. It’s an amazing mix. I listened to it twice now and I am finding it hard to hype something up created out of tragedy, but Gettoblaster did a super sick job creating it. These are not just tracks, but anthems that created some of the best vibes I had in my midwest warehouse days, and they will never be forgetten by any of us. I feel it belongs here on Graveyard Radio and deserves a listen from all of those that follow us. This is definitely roots.