Danny The Wildchild bringing new music today was a welcome surprise in my social media feed this morning. “Hoodrat EP” is 4 tracks of Danny’s signature jump-up dnb sound and it’ll definitely get your feet moving. DJs are encouraged to cop these tunes at Juno Download.

Danny delivers some truly bombastic beats! The stand out track for me is the namesake of the EP. “Hoodrat Kru” has a sweet low end to it. Danny made good use of Notorious B.I.G.’s voice sampled from his “Can I Get Wit Cha” track off his posthumous 1999 “Born Again” album. Drums hit the speaker super hard and super clean on the whole EP.

“Star Time” is my other favorite off the EP. This track gives me a super ravey vibe, with James Brown asking us all if we are “Ready for Star Time?” Fuck James, when am I not? Danny proceeds to make cool use of all these neat outer space sounds, the tracks is a total delight.

Only gig I see on the radar for Danny right now is November 18th in Gainesville, FL. Phantom 45, MONK, and Odi! Hell Yeah! Remember when we used to see MONK play in the midwest all time! Will someone bring homie back someday. Tickets for this show can be purchased at k0ntr0lledka0s.com.

*Feature image courtesy of Anita Bass LLC.