Right place at the right time, I had a social media memory flash before my eyes today when I was randomly looking for something to listen to Saturday morning. Took me back to when I was only a few months into making Graveyard Radio a serious thing.

It was when I came across a live Goldie set, recorded in 2019 at Avant Gardner in NYC. Me and Laura had been only working together a few month at this point. I remembered her going to Goldie in New York December of that year, being on stage, and catching a once in a lifetime photo of Goldie.

Goldie looking at the MC making the most satisfying bass face you can catch on a man in Goldie’s position of royalty. Armanni Reign nodding in approval. This is an exchange that is sacred amongst many of us. It’s a vibe and a love for this music. The photo garnered a lot of attention of Laura’s social media. The photo stuck out to me, for sure.

So, being the nerd I am, I immediately went back and found the epic pic Miss Bass had captured from her cell phone. I check date and venue in her post, sure enough, it matched up with the set I had found on SoundCloud. “Well, this is must be immortalized in the halls of Graveyard Radio.” I said to myself. Then I went and bothered Laura about the whole thing. She got me the raw videos as well. Only one of these were posted on social media from what I can see. Goldie looks like he is having the time of his life.

So better late than never. If you were at the show, and didn’t know Metalheadz had the recorded set available, you can relive what I imagine was an incredible night.

While we are talking about Goldie, here are some dates on the other side of the pond. Of coarse if we get wind of anything over here in the states, we’ll have our eye on it. New official remixes of “Inner City Life” just dropped July 5th and appears to be on most platforms.