Working on 2 and a half decades in the game, Steady B is an Indianapolis favorite! When ever he comes back home, it’s always a big deal. Amazingly enough, I got a sneak peak of his new mix, “Nightmare Fuel” and banged it again this morning upon release. I’m on my 3rd listen right now as I write this and I can’t get enough.

Before we get into the set, this is an off the top of my head refresher on what I know of Steady B. He has always been on the cutting edge of house music in his sets. Steady B broadcasts almost weekly on Twitch, plays the sickest party bangers, and he just knows how to keep the crowd hype. Don’t even get me started on some of his edits and other project, Hoodtronics, you really need to check that out if you are unfamiliar. That is that real shit. Even with house music having evolved into what is moving the big parties today, Steady B never fails to deliver that 90’s warehouse, oldschool flavor in all of his sets. From booty house, to techno, breaks, and electro, B brings fire to the dance floor, reading a crowd like no other, making him embraced by new and old schools peeps a like. You can read his full bio and get more details on his SoundCloud.

B taking his craft seriously, as he does, has made my job really easy today. It’s when an artist not only has incredible talent, but the passion of the concept and art that gets me excited. That is why this platform gets excited about artists like Jin-XS, for example. How am I not going to cover a mix called “Nightmare Fuel” on my platform titled Graveyard Radio? Forget about the fact that he has been one of my favorite hometown DJs since the first time I saw him play in the good old vinyl days. Legendary shit guys. It’s dope!

Being on the darker side, this mix is still straight vibes and has me thirsting for Halloween raves from back in the day. The mix starting out with some sweet dark breaks and electro, to some heavier dark techno the second half, back to some more funky breakbeat-electro, this concept is head knocking and has me wanting to hit the dance floor hard. Bass will boom the car speakers, and be sure to catch the creepy outtro. Mix is available for download.

Let’s talk about Coterie now. Steady B wanted to let everyone know, he planned on throwing down some ghetto-tech and breaks for us all, with some of those sick edits I was talking about earlier. Peep the flyer and more info below.

Big things July 21st when drum and bass legend Random Movement hits Indianapolis, along with Steady B, and hometown DNB favorite, Gizzmo. Get all the details at the official event page. Big ups NAPDNB on this one!