It’s about time we did our annual check on Octane Amy. Even in our extensive coverage and exclusives over the years, Graveyard Radio could never keep up with her brand’s output. I’d have to hire some help. She is continually writing and promoting Drum & Bass, and continues to drop dozens of mixes! Our readers all should know about the extent of content Amy drops. So peep game, Amy just dropped her newest mix at on Friday!

Absolutely-unfucking-believable what a beast of a mix this is. That’s what she titled it, “The Beast Mix”. This plays out at just above the 30 minute mark and includes over 80 tracks! I hit her up about it and got a couple tid-bits on the mix.

“4 decks, freestyled, and no sync. Just crazy focus with insane love and knowledge for the tunes played.”

Octane is a full on machine in this set. Her mind is working on another level to be able to pull off this kind of mastery. Still, she remains incredibly humble. In this game practice is everything.

“I play at least an hour every day (or I’ll die, literally). Some people work out, I DNB.”

If you missed them, we also encourage you guy to check out these latest sets that Octane has dropped very recently priorto the latest. Also, be sure to give her a follow over on SoundCloud.

“In case you missed it… tons of new stuff from Device, Neuropunk Records, Boomslang Recordings, Technique Recordings, Eatbrain and mooooore! New Frannabik in the mix on Expedite Records and some incoming fire tooooo! Thanks for listening!”

“New mix up on Drum And Bass Proper full of nasty bangers and more layered thiccccccccck on 4 decks!”

Graveyard Radio also loves the fact Amy is an amazing journalist, writing reviews, and interviews some talented artists. You can peep all her stuff over at bestofdrumandbass.com. You can check out her latest interview below.

Last but not least, you can catch Octane Amy madly spinning DNB and getting the dance floor in a frenzy at (((dB))) Takeover! It’s July 15th and you can get all the details at their event page!