When graveyardradio.net first started it’s coverage of Uriah G Presents and INVY, I didn’t want to do it. The idea went against some perceived notion I had about things and some people convinced me other wise. Our first article for Uriah was published July 4th 2021, almost 2 years ago. It’s been an adventurous time for both Graveyard Radio and Aggressively Positive Media, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The first conversation I ever remember having with Uriah was back in 2006. We were sitting in a booth at Bourbon Street. Like most of us, Uriah had some big dreams back then. So enamored with the culture, he told me he wanted to do it all. “I want to DJ, Produce, Promote, even have a club where I can throw all my own events.”

That’s a story I heard from a lot of people back then. That kind of thing was going around. We fast forward 17 years later, though, and Uriah is the one that has made all that happen for himself. Playing huge shows, producing tracks on national and regional underground labels, as well as throwing shows with world talent in one of the dopest clubs Indy has seen. Just a kid from the hood, who hustled his whole life to create something out of nothing, made all his dreams come true.

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If anyone was deserving of the swankiest birthday party for themselves and all his friends, it was Uriah G. He pulled no stops, as all his friends and family were treated to hang out in a luxurious V.I.P. spread and booth with open bar for everyone. The area was decorated with sneaker artwork, amongst some other pieces of nostalgia from G’s childhood. Couldn’t miss the Gucci “Happy Birthday” banner, which was hung along the back of the huge booth, customed to Uriah’s “G” logo. You only live once G, and we’ve all come a long way from those dirty warehouses.

DJ Mess opened up the night with pure professionalism. Everything you could expect from this veteran DJ, he played like a machine with modest flare. However, he sure kept the quickly filling dance floor with a lot of energy and hype. He hit some serious grooves that had me constantly wanting to put my hands in the air.

Uriah G then took the decks. This monster on the wheels of steel was not the same DJ I had been watching play several times over the last few months. Yes, he has had some good sets, but this was a whole other beast. G has had a lot on his plate the last month. Including, several Invy shows, a trip to EDC, a trip to Movement, and not to mention another emergency hospital visit.

The man is unstoppable. Using a cane to walk up to the club moments before taking the stage, in what look like a significant state of uncomfort and pain, Uriah G proceeded to rip the dance floor apart.

Uriah held nothing back as he went hard! Playing tech house banger after banger, he mixed absolutely flawlessly. G was 100% in his element as he cut in and out of tracks effortlessly, keeping his sound and levels even. The crowd took notice and the vibes were infectious as Uriah kept the dance floor pack his entire set. If he looked like he was in pain walking in, he didn’t up in the booth, as he gave into the feeling of the music, keeping his stage presence high energy, and worked the equipment with much gusto.

Dustin Sheridan then took the stage to bring down the house. Uriah G’s father figure was all set to close this party out right, and that’s what he did. The son had murdered the crowd, Dad had to clean up. Dustin worked his magic, cleaning house with smooth and infectious grooves, laying down all kinds of trickery on the mixer. Sheridan presence had a nice swagger, as he worked in some serious funkyness. Everything was kept super high energy, even as some of the people began to dip, Sheridan continued to bring the ruckus. Those people that bounced missed out, Dustin spent the last 20 minutes breaking out old school house classics, that took us old folks back a few years.

Don’t miss a good time! Uriah G Presents has 2 more amazing shows coming up! Check out both flyers below and purchase your tickets at invynightclub.com!