“Brooooo!” was all that could be said as the crowd left INVY Nightclub two Saturdays ago. Downtown Indy’s premium club experience continues to not disappoint.

Uriah G Presents is doing amazing things at Invy. This was only my third time out at the club and even though we’ve covered Uriah’s events extensively, we still just can’t get enough.

To me, INVY is downtown Indianapolis’ diamond in the rough. Uriah is bringing the underground to the mainstream in big ways.

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Perfect sound and lighting, big international talent, peak performances from local talent, great club staff, and a crowd that walks in ready for a good time, all of these things create an explosive vibe to satisfy the most jaded of partiers, hands down.

Let’s talk about our openers. Rich Lather and Curtis Jones have a 20+ years history in the DJ game together. It showed on this night. If you were lucky enough to get there at open to catch their set, you’d of seen two peeps that knew exactly how to vibe and get the early arrivals dancing as soon as they came in the door. These local veterans blazed through a plethora of house tracks from various sub-genres, blending out bangers perfectly, one tune after the next. Rich even showed off some scratching skills during his set. There could be no better duo to represent the underground at INVY, this night, than these 2.

As the club filled in rather quickly, Uriah G and Nick Samaro took the stage. Uriah had had been in the hospital since the Monday before and had just been released the morning of the show.

I had met with him shortly after his discharge. It was greatly concerning, as he was still recovering. “No way in hell I’m not playing tonight,” he told me as I stupidly questioned if he was really okay.

Uriah definitely made it to INVY. The set him and Nick played together was absolutely legendary! The club was packed. Both artists kept the people moving. It was great to finally get a chance to see Samaro play after hearing such great things about him the last several years. The best thing about this write-up though? My job just got easier because now I don’t have to write about it. You can listen to the set yourself and be the judge. We have Nick & Uriah’s set on our SoundCloud for your listening pleasure.

That brings us to Walker & Royce. World famous DJ duo, dropping hits for years, pulled all the stops for Indianapolis. Dripping with professionalism behind 4 decks, the team did not make one unnecessary movement as they rocked the party like it was no one’s business!

Every person in the club, those in VIP, and those in GA, all on their feet, hands in the air, all of them! You can see it in action here on my Facebook. I had to go live! If Ferry Corsten lit up Indianapolis, Walker & Royce just set it on fire. The patrons walked away stunned by their display of skills.

Good times to be had all around. New faces, old faces, everyone is welcome to celebrate life, music, and to vibe as one under the same beat.

Please join us next time as we celebrate Uriah’s Birthday with Dustin Sheridan!

Tickets are available at invynightclub.com! Graveyard Radio will be in attendance!