Nap DnB for years has been your monthly destination for drum and bass and more. While drum and bass is the main focus and passion of this collective, they invite DJ’s of multiple genres to come and educate the masses.

Class is in session on the second Tuesday of the month down at the Indianapolis staple, The Melody Inn.

This month’s proctors were DJ Fate, Variable Op, Becca Brainz, Neon Church, Micromachine, and Zaclesh; along with surprise performances from Galen and Papa Bubblez.

It was a well rounded evening that included dreamy trance from Zaclesh, bouncy bass house and tech house from Neon Church, and a veritable cornucopia of groovy get down tunes from Micromachine. 

 Becca Brainz served up her signature progressive house that always gets the room moving, and DJ Fate played an electrifying set that was heavy with jungle, drum and bass, and grime.

Variable Op brought his impeccable taste as well as his uniquely dark and melodic drum and bass tracks. 

Finally, I must take a moment to talk about Papa Bubblez. I wandered into the back room towards the end of the evening following the sounds of house to see who was playing such enthralling music. I didn’t stop dancing, even when my legs didn’t want to move.

Excellent track selection and seamless transitions, Papa bubblez will keep you. moving till the wee hours of the morning. And that’s exactly what I did, until I was told in no uncertain terms that the night was over.

School Night continues to be one of my favorite monthly events to attend. Nap DnB is an amazing and vital part of the underground scene here in Indianapolis. I want to thank Nap DnB for their tireless dedication to enriching the underground scene and sharing rave culture with the community. They continue to make a serious difference here in the Indianapolis electronic music scene.

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