This was a bit of a challenge and homework assignment I took on for myself. I’m glad I did. Trance may not be my favorite genre, but after seeing the way Ferry Corsten does it, it’s hard not to be a fan.

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The vibe was electric from the very beginning of the night. It started as a small glow, building up brighter and brighter, until Ferry Corsten’s finale of old school trance bangers whipped the crowd into a frenzy as the energy in the room overflowed at the seams of existence.

Wait for it…

Moments like these are why I love dance music. We’ll get back to Ferry in good time. I’m getting carried away. Let’s talk about Trung.

Trung NGO knew how to set the evening to make the whole night an experience. As the crowd first started trickling into the club, Trung played played it dark and deep. It was what I would expect at such a show. Go in with a curated set, setting a tone for the evening, creating an experience a crowd will remember. It creates a sense of anticipation of an already excited crowd just arriving. Top notching mixing around the board, and I never heard him miss a beat.

This guy right here… The first thing I noticed was his shirt, as I’ve had the same design on my lockscreen for 2 years. I showed my buddy standing next to me in my disbelief. Charbonneau may have an aura about him that made me not able to resist busting his balls a bit, which he took with a perfect charm. He really killed it behind the decks, giving momentum and turning things up a notch as the crowd filled in.

Charbonneau really brought the energy up, and his levels sounded great. He fed into the crowd and showed a strong presence in the booth. Charbonneau played some deep cuts. I overheard Ferry talking about those cuts later in the evening saying he “was impressed” with how “open minded” the crowd was to to such deep tracks. That was a marvelous thing to hear. Charbonneau also played one of the better remixes I’ve heard of Lost Tribe’s Gamemaster. This was prolly the only remix I have ever heard that I liked. Like I said buddy, you played “pretty good.”

I felt like I was watching Ferry Corsten have the time of his life in that DJ booth. I have a feeling he does everytime he steps behind the decks. This world famous trance legend mixed a stunning set that was absolutely flawless.

As Ferry was escorted to the booth, the energy in the room was ready to explode. Patrons roared in approval as he mixed in his opening track. The efficiency of Corsten’s style had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. The crowd gladly ate every track that was thrown at them. I intently watched him work the decks with a precision only a master with over 3 decades in the games could. I couldn’t count how many times I thought that there is no way this guy is not a machine. Then I’d look up and see that infectious smile on his face. It was utter brilliance.

Corsten spent the last 20 minutes of his set playing trance classics from the 90’s. Each new track mixed in sent the crowd into a more intense frenzy than before. I couldn’t name a single one of those tracks, I’ll be honest. I did recognize some of them though, and it brought over sweet waves of nostalgia. Along with that one feeling I’m in this game for, to look across the room and feel that connection with those that have the same love for music as me. It’s a beautiful thing.

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