2 Saturdays ago, INVY brought the DJ/Producer duo Black V Neck to Indianapolis and in true INVY fashion they spared no fanfare.

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The theme this time was Miami and that may have something to do with the fact that all of the artists on the bill just got back from Miami music week.

They didn’t come back empty handed either, they came back with a whole new bag of tricks.

Another notable reason for celebration was Curtis Jones’s birthday! This fast rising artist has a good 20 yrs of producing and a solid 10 of DJing experience behind him and lately has been consistently putting out quality tracks and mixes featuring anything from jackin house to tech house. The week spent down in Miami really took things to the next level. Being the opener, Curtis Jones was thoughtful in his track selection and played to the crowd. It can be challenging for an artist to give the right energy at the beginning of the night when the crowd may not be as large, however Curtis Jones knew how to properly set the tone.

Towards the end of his set he was surprised by the INVY girls with big glowing signs  saying “Happy Birthday Curtis Jones” blowing whistles. You could see the smile on his face from the box seats.  From track selection to technical execution, Curtis Jones delivered.

Curtis Jones wasn’t the only one who came back inspired from Miami. Uriah G. took the reins and had the crowd dancing up a storm. One thing I love about Uriah G. is that you never get the same set twice. Every set he does is an original and he consistently serves the crowd the freshest new bangers. He brought back serious Latin heat and flavor from Miami music week along with some awesome remixes of classic rock songs, and the crowd ate it up! Uriah G.

Is on a mission to introduce house music to the general club going public of Indianapolis. By giving the crowd something they know and are familiar with (like those classic rock remixes), then he can introduce less commercial tracks. His set was the perfect lead-in for the headlineer.

The tech house duo Black V Neck have been steadily making waves since their inception in 2017. The Miami natives are known for their creative production and diverse sound which caught the ears of other big movers and shakers such as Shiba San and Claude Von Stroke.

These boys definitely bring the party. It wasn’t long till the whole dancefloor was whipped into a frenzy. Their tracklist hit hard and fast and had everything from bold Latin sounds to driving tech house bangers.

Big props to them for bringing in the Caribbean Island vibes with one of my favorite tracks “Work” a Kevin McKay remix of an old Denise Bolton song.

This Miami inspired birthday celebration brought a little of the Miami sound and flavor to downtown Indianapolis. It was really great to see the evolution of both Curtis Jones and Uriah G. in both execution and sound on the heels of Miami music week. We are going to take the opportunity to announce a collaborative tracks between Uriah G and Curtis Jones in the near future. We’ll keep you updated at Graveyard Radio as we learn more. Check the next 2 shows coming next from Uriah G Presents. Click on flyers below for tickets.

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