Super stoked to be bringing heads the news that Phantom 45 is coming on strong! If you haven’t been paying attention, he has been dropping red hot fire over on his Mixcloud as of late. 45 even threw us one of his latest and heaviest mixes to host on the Graveyard Radio SoundCloud. Definitely check that below, it is absolutely crushing, and we are happy to have it.

One of our partners has taken the time to write Phantom 45’s new official bio. We got ahold of that just for those who might be unfamiliar with 45.

“Phantom 45 started his career in 1987, playing some early Chicago house, from where he grew up. After a few years, he graduated to early UK hardcore, the precursor to drum and bass.

Drum and bass is the music style Phantom 45 is most well known for. He mixes it smooth style, like a Chicago house DJ, with long blends and proper tune selections. He is always making sure the right music is there for the dance floor to explode.

Across the states and abroad, to spread his music across the world, Phantom 45 has traveled extensively. He played in front of crowds of thousands of people in warehouses and festivals, not to mention the shows and tours with his musical colleague, Danny The Wildchild.

Phantom 45 has well known releases on major labels, such as Moonshine, Suburban Base and Surge Recordings. Currently, he is pumping out mixes like a mad man on Mixcloud for the present dnb family.”

-Laura Bais (Anita Bass LLC)

That brings us to the shows! Your first chance to catch Phantom 45 is March 24th for Proper Chicago. You know the drill. 45 will be wrecking speaker at the Debonair Social Club!

Just announced as of last night! Phantom 45 will be in Cleveland with another of my favorites, DJ Odi! These 2 will both be performing at Foolish 2 on April 1st. You are not going to want to miss these 2 drum and bass legends share the same stage in same night. Not to mention the stacked line-up of supporting talent.

We are getting the band back together! At one point in my career, I’ve shared the stage with this legendary DJ, at least once a month for a solid couple of years, and every time was just as impressive as the last. Phantom 45 is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the people that set the stage for the style of drum and bass/Jungle dj that exists today! On April 1st I hope everyone has a hearty meal in the tummy to soak up the shots that lie ahead! We gonna kill it!”


It’s the real deal yo! We’ll see you on the dancefloor!