So it was a normal Saturday night that started with dinner with a group of friends.

We went to a new pizza place on the southeast side and weren’t impressed but we still had a great time. Afterward, we all made the trip through downtown Indianapolis to get to one of our favorite places on Earth… where might that be you find yourself asking? Well, the historic Melody Inn  Punk Rock Night, of course! For me, Punk Rock Night is a place to unwind, have a few drinks, and enjoy music in a live setting. Being recently separated has allowed me more freedom to go to Punk Rock Night than I’d had over the past nearly 20 years of attending and it has been therapeutic for the soul. I truly enjoy Punk Rock Night for one major reason: I CAN BE MYSELF.

This week’s Punk Rock Night was one hell of a show and I probably threw back one too many as the night went on, but we survived. As we got there Big Guy was setting up so we went to the bar for some drinks. First off, the Melody Inn staff are some of the nicest people in the city… Shoutout to Lisa who is THE BEST bartender in the city and a gorgeous Fashion Momma to boot!! So anyway, we got our drinks, said hello to other fellow regulars and local legends in attendance, and made our way to our normal viewing spot: directly in front of the stage. First up was Big Guy which is a newer, melodic hardcore punk band from Indy. These dudes were great and held their own for having the opening spot at Punk Rock Night. They were very energetic and had great timing. Early in their set, I was excited to see that the guitar player had a Cub’s elbow tattoo! Having grown up in Chicago and loving the Cubs, it caught my eye. These dudes were fun and definitely caught some attention as more and more Punk fans filed in.

Next band up was one that my buddy, Heath, plays in and I was super excited to see: Scummie Skuzz Project.  This was my first show seeing Heath play guitar since he is usually playing horns, he can wail man! He throws down like a seasoned Punk Rock pro because that’s exactly what he is. About mid-way through the set, Craig, the lead singer, invited another friend of mine (well she is truly a friend to all and is one of the best people to know in the local music scene), Buffy Fawkin Rollins, on stage to duet with him. Buffy and Craig laid into the song “World Peace” and let me tell ya all eyes were on that stage. Craig and Buffy’s energy together was amazing. Buffy killed it she just knows how to get everyone hyped and she is truly fantastic with that mic in her hand! Buffy is hypnotizing in all walks of life and on stage is no different. Sarah from The Operators was also called up during the set to help with a few songs that needed her awesome sax notes added in. Scummie Skuzz Project is an amazing band and the dudes know their Punk Rock.

After Scummie, we got a few more drinks and went out to enjoy the Smoker’s Garden with friends, this is the social part of the evening. I had a chance to talk with Punk Rock Night host, Rich Barker, about tonight’s show. Rich is a wonderful human who has always been very nice and accepting of me and my shenanigans. Rich has run PRN for the better part of a decade after taking over for the founder of Punk Rock Night, Greg Brenner, who I also love and look up to very much.

Third up this evening were local SKA legends The Operators! If you don’t know the Operators, you are really missing out. You wanna dance? The Operators got you. They are a well-oiled Ska Machine. Cristian, their drummer, is one of Indy’s best percussionists and Branden is also one of Indy’s best guitarist/lead singers. Not to mention my buddy Heath again blowing on that mean horn! This band is so fun every single time I see them and it’s just pure joy watching them work that stage. The Operators own a room when playing and this night was no different.

After the Operators finished up is where mistakes were made on my part….it was at this point I believe we ordered one too many. We normally stick to about 2-3 drinks but we were all having fun and the music was great so we went for a 4th round.

Last up we have Public Serpents, the punk/ska touring band from NJ featuring Skwert from Choking Victim.
As always, we took our final round front and center to watch them perform. They took over that stage with mesmerizing confidence and powered thru songs that you could just feel in your bones. The lead singer at one point even stole my hat and wore it for a song. I believe Rich said one of the band members had to fly in to play the show and this is the Melody Inn not Lucas Oil Stadium so I thought that was kinda cool. As the band was about 3/4 of the way through their amazing set, the partners let me know that it was time to get home.

When the ladies say they’re ready to go, it’s time to go so we caught a ride back to the house. Back home and still intoxicated, we ate some leftover pizza from earlier in the night and did some fun things I’ll leave to your imagination. All in all, it was a wonderful Punk Rock Night and I’ll be back next week for 3 days in a row at the Historic Melody Inn! I’m probably not gonna drink much next week, we now know that 2-3 drinks are our wheelhouse.

Anywho, if you’ve never been to Punk Rock Night, I highly suggest coming and checking it out. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth and that’s why I love spending my Saturdays at Punk Rock Night. Where every Saturday is Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn! Smooches 😘