We checked in on Blak Sunday over the weekend and discovered they have just dropped a new music video with a remasted audio mix.

The song “She” is originally from their 2019 Chaos Lover EP. The video features Buffy Rollins from Panty Line and clips from past performances of the band. The remaster of the track itself sounds amazing! Juan’s haunted vocals are really shining through, along with a catchy raw powered guitar riff, spooky keys, well balanced bass, and punchy drums. The remastered track will be on the next upcoming Blak Sunday album and is now available on Bandcamp.

Blak Sunday has 3 dates on the calendar as of right now. The first is on April 22nd at Healer. Check the flyer below and stop by the event page to RSVP.

Black is also currently looking for a new drummer and synth player. If interested, contact the band on their Facebook Page.