I randomly dropped into “The Mel” last Saturday, fully taking advantage of my new arrangements that allow me to get out for shows on a more regular this year. Going to Punk Rock Night has been on my bucket list for a very long time. A quick run down, Punk Rock Night started in 2000 and happens every Saturday, claiming to be one of the longest running punk rock weeklies in the world. The organization is a non-profit and sole goal is to enrich Indy’s music scene.

Sunset Society rocking a packed Melody Inn.

The headlining band for the evening calls themselves Sunset Society. Not knowing what to expect, I was presently surprised by the band’s stage presence on the tiny 18 inch high stage. Sunset Society had a huge hybrid of sounds once they started playing that had me a little taken back. It was a mix of rock-n-roll, punk, double bass death metal drums, and a vocal style more in tune with Morbid Angel as opposed to what you’d hear in your typical punk band. Later, when chatting with the band guitarist, he used the term “Black-n-Roll”, which I could totally get down with. The highlight of the performance was the epic rockin’ guitar solo’s that were pulled off. They really sent the crowd into a frenzy.

As I mentioned, I got to talk to the guitar player. Alberto approached me and we spent a couple minutes talking about music. He complimented my Cradle of Filth shirt. Super talented and very nice dude. We talked about seeing Cradle live and The 69 Eyes. One of my absolute favorite bands. The underground should definitely keep an eye on this guy. He’ll be going places.

Sunset Society have 2 tracks released on Bandcamp. If you get a chance, definitely check those out.

Visit for future shows. I look forward to bringing more coverage like this outside of Indy’s dance music scene on Graveyard Radio in the future.