One of the greatest jungle/dnb legends is back in the states doing a small tour this February! Dates for DJ Aprodite have been confirmed in Denver and L.A. so far. However, if you are in the midwest, Cleveland is going to be your best bet to catch him. With an Anita Bass logo on the flyer, you had to know Graveyard Radio was going get behind and support.

DJ Aphrodite has been a mainstay of the Worldwide Rave Scene since the early nineties. For each country around the world with a Drum & Bass scenes, DJ Aphrodite has produced anthems. ‘Ganja Man’‘King Of The Beats’‘Style From The Darkside’‘All Over Me’‘Summer Breeze’‘Dub Moods’ and ‘Stalker’ from the infamous record shop scene in movie ‘Human Traffic’‘Mash Up You Know’‘Booyaa’ and ‘We Enter’, to name just a few solo compositions have all graced Junglist and DnB playlists everywhere.”

One of the first vinyl records I bought after getting my first set of decks was Summer Breeze. I also had the privilege to see Aphrodite spin vinyl at 2 different shows in the early 2000s. Any mention of his name, I get immediately hit with feelings of nostalgia. So much so, I had to go dig up a mix that every raver in the US from the 90s and 2000s had in their CD collection, Urban Jungle.

The mix featured original tracks from Aphrodite himself and a plethora of reworked classic hip-hop tracks from artists such as N.W.A., Ice Cube, Mack 10, Luniz, and Aaliyah. Let’s also not forget that dope ass Roni Size/Reprazent remix on this bad boy!

Now that we showed off a little old-school, we can dive into something a little more recent. Aphrodite streams online pretty regularly these days. The latest live stream I could find was from January 12th. It has been uploaded to his Mixcloud and you can check that out here.

These 2 mixes should have you guys ready to get warmed up for this weekend. As usual, you can swing by the official event page to scoop all the details you’ll be need to attend.