New Year’s Eve is, historically, one of the biggest nights of the year for the entertainment industry. There is a buzz of hope and excitement in the air as people, in their finery, descend upon the bars and clubs of downtown Indianapolis. There are seemingly endless options of where to get your “party on” downtown, but for the Kings and Queens of this little city, the choice was easy- INVY! This New Year’s Eve, INVY brought back old school club vibes with a Kings and Queens themed party with Bad Boy Bill, the club king himself, headlining, hosted by Alex Peace, with support from Uriah G. and Cadillac G.

     Club goers were treated like royalty and immediately directed to sit in thrones and hold a crown, while your picture was taken. The staff was dressed in theme and the club seemed to transform into a true royal palace! The atmosphere and lighting was spectacular throughout the evening, and really helped move the vibe along through from DJ to DJ. 

       Cadillac G. opened the night, with a house heavy open format set. This long-time Indy favorite is an expert on how to heat up the dance floor by seamlessly weaving old favorites with brand new bangers. 

As an artist that never gives the same performance twice, Uriah G. sets the bar high for himself.. This evening, he not only met, but exceeded that standard. I have had the pleasure of covering him for the last two years and his growth as performer and artist has been exponential. He thrilled us all with a dynamic remix of  the Guns and Roses classic “Welcome to the Jungle”, which had the crowd exploding.  He educated the youth with some serious techno and had the old schoolers in the crowd (including me) moving their feet. Moreover, he included tracks with heavy jazz influence and even some Bollywood sounds. Two things that ignite growth in an artist’s music are the artistic company they keep and the time they put in behind the decks. It is evident that Uriah G. is doing it right. 

      Bad Boy Bill is a club god among legends, a Chicago staple since the mid to late 80s, and an artist that never disappoints. A true rock star, watching him perform is like watching a master puppeteer, as he works the crowd to a feverish pitch with an eclectic mix of house and electro.

Always fresh, always cutting edge, and with some serious skills; Bad Boy Bill is and remains a force to reckoned with behind the decks and puts on one hell of a show. 

     Cadillac G. took us out to the end of evening with a heavy hip hop driven set; a perfect wind down to an incredible evening.

     As we embark on this brand new year, many of us feel a mix of both hope and trepidation for the future. Let’s be honest, it’s been a rough ride. But this New Year’s Eve, I saw something that gave me a feeling of real hope! I saw this young lady who was determined that all her friends had a good time. I watched her for hours as she attended to upset friends and handled crisis after crisis with smiles, hugs, and an upbeat attitude. The most shining beacon positivity I have ever seen. Never did she seem upset or burdened. This young lady was the walking embodiment of PLUR. It’s not something that just exists in underground warehouses and small dark clubs. It doesn’t just wear old UFO’s and candy bracelets. Peace, love, unity, and respect is still alive and well, you just have to be willing to look with new eyes and in new places. 

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