Uriah G has done it again and brought to us another great AAA exclusive mix to put up on Graveyard Radio! Scooter and Lavelle are a dynamic duo that have been reeking havoc on dance floors around the world for 17 years together.

The “Beats Inside My Head” producers are going to be playing in Indianapolis at INVY on Saturday Night. Get hyped for the show by checking out this exclusive mix! This set is expertly mixed and guaranteed to feed you house itch 100% with a plethora of club stompers! It holds entirely true to Scooter and Lavelle’s signature sound that’s quoted from their official bio below.

“With Lavelle’s banging progressive mixes surrounding Scooter’s hip hop loops and turntable skills, they are the duo that is always making the crowds go wild. Their self-proclaimed genre of “bangin’ progressive turntablism” is a unique style that simply cannot be duplicated.”

So it should be no surprise this mix is filled with some classic hooks everyone should know the words to. Not to mention some other fantastic surprises I didn’t see coming. Get those speakers warmed up, they are going to get a workout on the way to INVY Saturday!

Click here for info and tickets! We’ll see you Saturday!