We got a good one for you this week! Hailing from Chicago, DJ Mathis “Mega M.” Rousseau got his first taste of house music in the mid-80’s after he heard DJs mixing it on the radio. By the the early 90’s he was spinning records and has not looked back. Since then, Rousseau has held down multiple residencies and played an uncountable amount of gigs. He has played dozens of clubs across Chicago. You can check out his full bio on his SoundCloud and give him a follow while you are there.

This mix speaks perfection. It brings nothing but good vibes and Rousseau’s skill is present throughout. His mixes are are all dead on presice with some very nice fader work. There is a lot of swing in this bad boy as well. Lots of funky music and a few tracks featuring some jazz fused sounds. Rousseau’s love and passion for Chicago House music is present across the entire set and the tracks are all played with a lot of passion.

You can catch Mathis this Friday in Chicago at MMM!

Mathis is also playing the silent disco on day 2 of Blast Radius on November 26th. Get you can get tickets by clicking here.

Huge big ups to Mathis Rousseau. His mix is a very welcome edition to the Graveyard Radio library.