Last Saturday (08/20/22) INVY in downtown Indianapolis welcomed the Dirty Bird himself, Claude Von Stroke, for his current tour “Your Dad plays great music”. This tour is a bit different from other tours in many ways. For one, there are no openers and no closers. Claude Von Stroke is playing open to close no matter how late. The DJ booth will be on the dance floor wherever possible. No LED screens, cryo guns, giant inflatables, or other superfluous things that are common in clubs these days. Back to the basics. Just you, 6hrs of Claude Von Stroke, and a dark room.

Indy has always loved Dirty Bird, so it was no surprise that the line to get in was down the block. Coming into INVY you knew right away that things were very different from a normal Saturday night. The once LED filled club was dark, save for a select few blue lights and the stage (which was not able to be on the dance floor) that was covered with small electric candles. The other major difference that was quickly picked up on by attendees was the temperature of the club. In keeping with the old school vibe Claude Von Stroke asked that the air be turned off; reminiscent of the old warehouse parties from back in the day. Don’t worry dear readers, INVY did eventually turn the air back on.

As the night wore on even more people piled in. I don’t think I have ever seen that club so packed! I saw quite a few faces that haven’t been out in a long time, and a few that seldom venture downtown. It was an outright reunion in a lot of ways.

Claude Von Stroke played all the favorites including, but certainly not limited to, The Whistler, Jolene, Everything is burning, End of the Lime, and my personal favorite Raggadagga. He even broke out his drum and bass, which I have always loved.

All six hours the dance floor was hopping. Claude maintained a strong connection with the crowd throughout the evening, and the Dirty Bird kids were giving the energy right back.

This night was definitely a memorable one, and definitely took me back in a lot of ways to how it used to be. A big thank you to INVY and Uriah G. Presents for continuing to bring so many amazing artists to Indy.

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