Dave Owen is still doing the damn thing. I remember seeing him play the Melody Inn in Indianapolis when he was a respected local DJ. Now Dave’s most played track on Spotify has reached over a million spins. With 24,018 followers on the platform as well, Owen has dug some big tunnels in the underground. Dave continues to produce tracks and hold his affiliations with many well known world wide labels in drum and bass, we got to show some love. He just dropped his latest EP today, after releasing his collaborative EP with Terraform back in June.

Snake Eyes is a nice and chill, rolling jungle tune, with a soulful 3 word vocal sample and groovy bass line. We get the never overplayed Woody Woodpecker breakdown, it’s all by the numbers. This will slap in those sets! The EP also has 2 remixes. A techno version by Cole Vassello, and a house rework by Orphanim. It can be purchased on Beatport.

You can catch Dave this weekend at SD UNION DAY DREAM in San Diego! Then August 5th, he’ll be in New Orleans. Click either flyer for corresponding event page to get details and tickets.