This release was cool enough to bring back GR’s Hip-Hop Pick of the Week, it has been awhile. I had some time this weekend and saw this album had been dropped, it was time to give Westside Gunn an official mention. Either you get him or you don’t. However, rap and hip-hop being in a state most old school peeps ain’t feeling, Westside Gunn is hitting some ears for those looking for the art of what I refer to as “ghetto poetry.”

I first heard Westside Gunn on a Royce Da 5’9″ record, The Allegory in 2020. I’ve been an avid listener of anything released off his label Griselda since then.

What catches my ear the most is the way his tracks are produced. The sampling and vocal loops are all from songs that were part of an era long gone. They give off this dark vibe to the tracks that hits a nerve that make my brain rejoice.

Peace “FLY” God is no different. Gunn sticks to his formula of sweet, soulful vocal loops, and harmonies, with bars of morbid street poetry laid over it. Jesus Crack and Big Ass Bracelet are definitely the stand out tracks on the record. With some research, I discovered the record was recorded in a 48 hours after Gunn returned to the states from Paris Fashion Week. The project features production work from Don Carrera, Madlib, Daringer and Conductor Williams. There is also guest appearances from Stove God Cooks and Estee Nack.

Westside Gunn commented on making the album with a quickness on social media stating; “I’m back in the states and the homies pulled right up on me, now the tape is complete!!!!!” He went on to say, “Idgaf about the mix or the master I wanna keep that shit grimey af, so I’m dropping this Fri fuck it.”

Apparently this record was just a taste to hold fans over for a release that has been in the works. He finished off by saying,  “this not the Album this a ART piece before MICHELLE RECORDS.” I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for that.