A very special treat for you heavy dubstep heads this week. Snaxxx has decided to drop a new mix and hand it over to as an exclusive! It’s filled full of wubs, low bass bangers, and sick beats for you to bang your head to!

Snaxxx has had a really dope year in 2022 so far. She had had a nice string of shows and has played for some very big rooms I might add. She continues to bring her very heavy and sometimes jarring flavor of dubstep through the midwest. This brazen sound may be nails on a chalkboard for some, however from the many pictures and video on social media, flocks of this new generation of EDM enthusiasts are still going crazy for it. Snaxxx has been consistently banging out packed venues, playing her sets with much gusto, animation, and enthusiasm.

Snaxxx has also gotten her production chops on this year, releasing her very first track in February title “Bone Crusher.”

Appropriately named, her debut track is a scorcher of heavy bass and headbanging goodness. Snaxxx did not hold back. The track is produced and mastered to perfection, and has also been included in the new mix. Definitely listen for that. It’s safe to say, Snaxxx knows what she is doing behind the decks and in her DAW.

That bring us to look at what is next for Snaxxx. As of right now you have 2 chances to catch her perform in Indy. The first will be this weekend where Snaxxx will be headlining “BASS PIT” to get the jump on this holiday weekend for those race fans. Check the flyer below and head over to the event page for all the details.

Next, you will be able to catch Snaxxx on a supporting timeslot at Foam Wonderland. DJ Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal) will be headlining the show at The Pavillion at Pan Am when the Legends 2022 Tour hits Indianapolis.

This event is not to be missed. As always, here is the event page link for a those details and tickets.

We at hope you guys enjoy the new mix. Snaxxx went hard on this one for us. We appreciate having it in our ever-growing collective.