Chris Charland is no stranger to the eccentric. With his various persona’s, he continually reinvents himself and can consistently rock a party. Graveyard Radio was happy to get this sweet house mix from him.

If you want a funky mix you can sing along to, this is your flavor. Phlawlus brings a mad amount of remixes and bootlegs of some of the most popular tracks from the 90’s, 00’s, and even the 60’s. There is a pretty groovy Jefferson Airplane remix towards the end. He even drops a few immediately recognizable dance anthems to tie things together.

Phlawlus other persona know as “Phlaw” bringing some heavy dubstep at a show a few weeks back.

Chris’s next show is in Grand Rapids this Saturday. Check out the official event page for all the info.

Phlawlus has recently helped form Stacheryde, a tag-team project put together with Gage Baggs. They just booked “Pond Jam 2022” in September. You can peep the pre-flyer below.

We hope you get a chance to see Chris play in the future and enjoy the mix. Keep it locked to as we continue to shine a spotlight on some of the best the underground has to offer.