Octane Amy is no stranger to being featured and/or mentioned on Graveyard Radio. Amy had a hell of a year last year, and there has been no slowing down. So much has dropped since her exclusive from November, it’s hard to keep up. We are still going to try!

Octane killed at multiple shows at years end.

Off the top of my head we had the Boomslang Recordings 2021 Annual Mix that was released December 10th of last year.

As I write this, I take a quick glance at her SoundCloud to see that since then, Amy has dropped 4 mixes! 2 of them are live mixes; 1 from Electric Lounge, and her set from Player Ball NYE Show!

Not to mention, besides those, Octane has also dropped 2 mixes for Drum and Bass Proper since the start of the new year as well.

Dropping mixes and playing mad shows isn’t enough drum and bass for Amy though. Octane as still been continuously has been dropping articles over at bestdrumandbass.com.

Once again the consensus here at Graveyard Radio, “Drum and bass is the drug and Octane Amy is our favorite pusher.” So much so, Amy has once again given us a quick rundown of what we can expect from our newest exlusive from her she has self titled, “Drity Mix” so you guys know what you’re getting into with this heater!

“Listening back I guess I titled this ‘Dirty Mix’ for a reason. It’s full of hard hitting, raw and grimy tracks spanning my library from old to new! Throwin’ down those filthy vibes on four decks is always a good time especially with the super technical, jungle-ly, bassy, moody drive… gunfingaz UP this is not the typical OCTANE mix!”

“New bits in this one from State of Decay’s Killing Ground EP out this week on Boomslang Recordings, a bunch from DeVice, RAM, C4C, Burr Oak, The Clamps and Hyperlynx (been watching him close lately).”

Speaking of Boomslang, Now Available on all platforms!

“The winter months have given me time to dig deeper into my back catalogue as well so there’s some super heavy throwbacks in this one, too!”

That’s no joke either! Amy has pulled no punches on this one! The mixing on this is is so spot on perfect. Octane Amy is a machine that was designed to do 1 thing, and that melt your face! So make sure you have that fire extinguisher handy, get yourself something cold you drink, you are going to need both once you are finished with with bad boy.

That bring us to your next chances to catch Octane Amy live and direct!

Just announced today! Peep the details at the official event page here!

If you can’t make that, there has been a reschedule of her show that was suppose to be last week. The new date is now March 12th!

Make sure you roll by the event page and RSVP as well!

Keep up all the amazing stuff Amy!