Mikal Lovering aka DJ Tarnish has been keeping himself busy. After spending the summer painting, he has already found homes for all his output. Time for some music. Tarnish has been banging out crazy amounts of Industrial music the last several months, live on Twitch, almost daily.

His streams run a definite Monday-Thursday under the moniker, “The Bunny Army.” Start times range between 10 PM and Midnight, Louisiana time. So, set those notifications. There is a bit of sporadic pop-up shows as well.

The livestream visuals range from hilarious to disturbing, and it’s a ton of bunnys. All the while, Lovering brings an amazing collection of tracks that run the gambit if Industrial, EBM, Noise, and much more!

Tarnish’s exclusive for Graveyard Radio is a dark beast of a mix. It features music from Onecyze Project, Resist Concept, Deep Down, plus a ton more. Starting off with some unsettling sounds, the mix soon becomes a battering barrage of chaotic pounding. You get through some of that, we slide into some tracks that have plenty of distorted vocals, and nice catchy hooks. At about the 39 minute mark, “Shut Up!” by Out Out gets dropped and we are in full rage mode.

Then we get a little break. The mood calms down from there, gets little somber and melodic before closing out with some upbeat bass-grooves. I love Industrial with a little bit of swing to it. Mix clocks in at approximately one hour and twenty minutes, and is a good ride.

Be sure to follow Tarnish’s Twitch Stream, and we hope you enjoy the mix!